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Featuring Yoshihiro Arita and Chris Silverstein!




Scott Chadwick『TWENTY-FOUR & MORE』


1.Blue Railroad Train

2.Everything Happens To Me

3. Last In Love

4.I Wish You Knew

5.  Paradise

6. East Meadow
7.Peabody's Coltrane
8. One Day I Walk
9. Last Train To Clarksville
10. Monk's Mood
11. Last Letter Home


Scott Chadwick- Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Yoshihiro Arita 有田純弘- Banjos, Guitars, Mandolins, Dobro, Vocals, Kitchen Sink

Chris Silverstein- Upright and Electric Basses
Yuki Mizutani 水谷勇紀- Recording, Mixing and Mastering

Design and Art Direction by Yasutoshi Okkotsu


Recorded at Submarine Studio in Shibuya, Japan August~December 2021

©︎Off The Records OTR 0002

Scott Chadwick TWENTY-FOUR & MORE!


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